Load Balancing

An Introduction to Software Defined Networking

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Publish Date April 25 2016

Date posted May 04 2016


Over the last year, the hottest topics in networking have been software defined networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization (NV). There is, however, considerable confusion amongst enterprise IT organizations relative to these topics. There are many sources of that confusion, including the sheer number of vendors who have solutions that solve different problems using different solution architectures and technologies, all of whom claim to be offering SDN and/or NV solutions.
The primary goal of this white paper is to eliminate that confusion. In order to accomplish that goal, this white paper will put SDN into the context of a broad movement to have more of a focus on software based solutions and it will identify the key opportunities that SDN can address. This white paper will also discuss both SDN and NV and will describe the relationship between these two emerging approaches to networking.


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