Threat and Vulnerability Management

7 DDoS Myths and Realities: Findings from 2016 IDG Connect DDoS Industry Survey

Provided by A10 Networks

Category Threat and Vulnerability Management

Type E-Book

Length 12

Publish Date April 06 2016

Date posted May 10 2016


Defend against more sophisticated and devastating DDoS attacks with a strong offense.  DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are a significant security threat to global enterprises and. they overwhelm security defenses with a combination of volume and complexity ultimately impacting customer experience. This eBook will unveil the results of a new IDG industry Survey that debunks the Top 7 myths around the impact of the DDoS problem in enterprises.  

With this eBook you will learn why the following common myths have been debunked:

  • DDoS is not a problem if the network is not down
  • DDoS attacks only happen at large scale with hundreds of Gigabits
  • DDoS attacks are not that bad or long enough
  • Cloud DDoS protects me from any DDoS attack
  • DDoS is a network problem
  • The best DDoS defenses focused on solutions that are good enough


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