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Always Be Closing: The ABC's of Sales in the Modern World

Provided by Microsoft

Category Sales and Marketing Software

Type E-Book

Length 50

Publish Date July 14 2015

Date posted May 11 2016


A better way to sell: cloud, mobile, social, big data

A…B…C… When we think of the abc’s, perhaps even more so than the popular sales mantra “always be closing,” we think of getting back to the basics. The alphabet is a foundational lesson we learn early on and internalize to the point where we hardly even notice it as we move through our days, no matter how ubiquitous it is on our lives.

The sad truth we face with the complexity and pressure in today’s market is a salesperson can only spend about 22% of their time actually selling.

In this ebook, we tackle the issues facing sales today head on, incorporating changes and developments in the market that your teams need to  understand.


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