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How to Build a World-Class Sales Organization

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Publish Date July 21 2015

Date posted May 27 2016


Microsoft recently released the 2015 Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) and the Sales Management Optimization (SMO) studies. Combined, their analyst teams gathered 100+ metrics from 1,500+
sales executives on the challenges facing their sales teams, why those problems exist, and most important, how they are successfully reengineering their teams to overcome those challenges.

One analysis they did of the data was to look at the sales performance of the top 10 percent of firms surveyed, compared with the middle 60 percent and the bottom 30 percent. The following paper summarizes the outcome of that analysis against three key sales performance metrics: the percentage of a company’s salespeople who meet or exceed quota, the percentage of the sales organization’s overall revenue plan attainment, and the win rate of forecast deals.


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