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AirWatch Support for Office 365

Provided by VMware AirWatch

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Publish Date July 23 2015

Date posted June 03 2016


Migrating to Office 365 for an organization presents a host of new challenges. First, given that Office 365 is accessible from the Internet, traditional access  control mechanisms for email and apps, which are based on network and perimeter security models, fail to work. Secondly, unlike their desktop  equivalents, mobile office apps present new, complex challenges for  BYOD users including containerization and remote wipe.

What organizations need is a way to restrict Office 365 access to only  managed and compliant devices without any dependency on the network  or domain membership. Additionally, they need to ensure that any data  stored on a device is encrypted and can be remotely wiped if lost or  stolen. While this may seem trivial at first, it gets increasingly complex considering the many platforms and the complexity in enabling the  ability for the solution to co-exist with both enterprise mobility  management (EMM) and domain managed devices. Complexity is also added when integrating EMM and domain managed devices with existing  on-premise infrastructure.

While this white paper specifically discusses how VMware AirWatch solves these  problems for Office 365, the same architecture secures all company  applications both cloud and on-premise.


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