Seven Steps to Complete Privileged Account Management

Provided by BeyondTrust

Category Security

Type White Paper

Length 19

Publish Date October 20 2015

Date posted June 15 2016


It is clear that there is a gap between business protection and user enablement. What keeps security and IT leaders from closing that privilege gap? First, security leaders and their IT counterparts often have to patch together multiple different point solutions that address only part of the problem and do not provide the visibility to solve the entire problem. Next, better intelligence is needed to make better risk and compliance decisions. Reporting and analytics has to be delivered to many different stakeholders – from security to operations to compliance auditors. And finally, the last thing security and IT leaders need is another point tool. Wouldn’t you rather have contextual solutions delivered by a strategic partner with an understanding of your security environments?
This white paper will help you answer just that – where to begin a privileged account management project, how to progress to a higher level of security maturity, and what business outcomes to expect. To set the stage, we will first identify levels of security maturity and map attributes of a privileged account management program into those levels of maturity.


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