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The ABCs of CA Workload Automation

Provided by CA Technologies

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Publish Date September 01 2015

Date posted June 16 2016


Those of you who have been in the IT industry for a while will be familiar with the term job scheduling or workload management. For a number of decades this functionality has been the mainstay of IT operations; it is used to run the mission-critical business processes on specific days, at predetermined times. It does this automatically and repeatedly without human intervention, allowing hundreds, thousands and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of jobs to be run consistently and effectively on a daily basis with minimal effort.

Workload automation is the current evolution of those job scheduling solutions, extending what was originally a purely operational capability into a rich application integration tool, assisting the collaboration between development and operational teams to build complex application workflows much earlier in an application’s development life cycle than was previously possible with traditional job scheduling solutions.

The following will help you decode the workload automation alphabet soup and make you aware of just how much more you can accomplish with a technology that started its life as a robust job scheduling solution.


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