Threat and Vulnerability Management

Privileged Users: Superman or Superthreat?

Provided by Forcepoint

Category Threat and Vulnerability Management

Type White Paper

Length 6

Publish Date December 29 2015

Date posted June 27 2016


Privileged Users are, without a doubt, the most dangerous cybersecurity threat as they continue to cost organizations billions in corporate losses. Additionally, the risk to your bottom line and of intellectual property theft isn’t limited to a certain industry. It happens across the board from the financial sector to energy and healthcare to the federal government. So who are Privileged Users and how are they remaining in the shadows uncontested?

This whitepaper will help identify who Privileged Users are in your organization. It will also explain why Privileged Users present a greater risk than other employees, and whether or not your organization could be at risk. Finally, it will provide you with best practices and strategies for mitigating the threat.


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