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Secure App Delivery for Today's Mobile Ready Campus

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Publish Date May 17 2016

Date posted July 28 2016


How XenApp dramatically simplifies data protection, access control and other critical security tasks.
Mobility is transforming education. Students, faculty and staff already rely extensively on consumer technologies and anywhere, anytime access to applications and data for personal use.
Now they expect the same kind of convenience and productivity on campus as well. As the institution's IT organization seeks to make resources available on mobile devices, though, they encounter numerous challenges, beginning with the delivery on tablets and smartphones of Windows - based education and business apps designed for a keyboard and mouse interface.
With multiple mobile platforms to support and new types of devices continually entering the environment, application development on native device operating systems simply isn't practical or cost-effective. IT must also find a way to extend application access to mobile devices while adhering to their institution's information security guidelines.



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