IT Security Frameworks and Standards

NGFWs: High Availability at Scale

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Category IT Security Frameworks and Standards

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Publish Date June 08 2016

Date posted July 29 2016


Your network has to stay open for business 24/7, with no downtime. That’s where NGFWs shine. These next generation security solutions maintain high availability and won’t bog down your network, even when handling process-intensive tasks like deep packet inspection. Use them to reduce complexity, improve scalability and help your IT team get the job done faster and more accurately. NGFWs achieve this by using dynamic server load balancing, active-active clustering and other techniques that improve resilience and eliminate the risk of single points of failure for your network. NGFWs also centralize monitoring, management and reporting, with real-time visualization of network operations. Read this report to learn how you can use NGFWs to make your security more effective than ever.


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