Why Operational Efficiency in Network Management Matters Even More Than You Think

Provided by Forcepoint

Category Firewalls

Type White Paper

Length 6

Publish Date May 27 2016

Date posted July 29 2016


Most network security failures come from human error. Are you doing everything you can to help your IT staff avoid that trap? The bigger your network, the more the right network management system helps you accurately manage configurations, roll out new infrastructure and maintain policies. Done right, network management systems reduce errors and streamline network operations, which increases your network security and reduces your operational costs at the same time. Sadly, many NGFW management solutions don’t give you centralized visibility, enable unified management, support routine tasks or automate deployment. Even worse, they don’t scale along with network growth. Read this report to learn how to compare network management tools so you can improve security, control costs and speed up rollouts, even for large and distributed networks.


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