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Get with the Flow. How Payment Processing Affects Cash Flow

Provided by Qualpay

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Publish Date April 10 2016

Date posted August 15 2016


Cash flow is the lubricant of business.  Without a healthy cash flow, business dries up.  It stops.  It can't function. Which is why it is vital to keep the revenues coming in as the expenses go out. But there's one aspect of cash flow that many of us are not aware of.  It is how managing credit cards and other such non-cash payments affect cash flow.  Turns out it has a huge effect.   
The problem is too few us of really understand how such payments transactions work.  And without understanding how these transactions work, it's a lot harder knowing how to manage them.

That's where this special guide produced by Qualpay, a leading processor of credit cards, comes in.  This guide is a concise and very useful explanation of the way the payments transaction process operates. It explains the numerous steps  required to make payment processing the efficient and secure system that consumers as well  as merchants like you have learned to depend on.  These are the steps with which you will want acquaint yourself.  For they are the ones that can seriously impact cash flow. 


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