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Online Self-paced Learning - An idea whose time has come for India

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Publish Date May 25 2016

Date posted September 09 2016


Learning and Development for information technology professionals in India is often characterized by the traditional classroom model or Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Over the last 30 years, this industry has grown to more than $ 0.5 Billion in size. But a quiet revolution is underfoot. Training for the technology professional is moving into the online self-paced realm with a fast-growing e-learning industry (20% YoY) oering a variety of learning models to technology companies and technology professionals. Companies in this space are creating holistic learning platforms by leveraging cloud, mobility, gamification and social trends to create a compelling virtual environment that appeals to dierent styles of learning and also integrate enterprise-grade analytics to provide employers with a granular view of who is learning what, where and how.


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