Turbonomic ROI See CAPEX and OPEX Savings with Automatic IT

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Publish Date August 12 2016

Date posted November 15 2016


Depending on the current state of your infrastructure, Turbonomic enhances and delivers measurable value across a number of area:

  • Workload consolidation (servers, storage)
  • Growth accommodation
  • Software-licensing cost reduction (hypervisor, application suites, databases)
  • Power/cooling and maintenance reduction
  • Increased IT staff productivity (reduce in trouble resolution, capacity planning)
  • Intelligent Just-In-Time hardware requisition

Regardless of your industry or the size of your virtual enviornment, Turbonomic experts consult with your team during a free Proof of Value (POV) process. They build a tailored ROI model based on the current state of your virtual enviornment, as well as the initial and continuous consolidation opportunities identified by Turbonomic's autonomic platform.

This whitepaper explores the various sources of CapEx deferment and OpEx savings, which constitute Turbonomic ROI. It outlines how a Turbonomic Solutions Expert will evalutate your virtual and cloud enviornment to project these savings.


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