Cybersecurity Benchmarking: A CIO's Guide for Reducing Security Anxiety

Provided by BitSight Technologies

Category Cybercrime

Type E-Book

Length 9

Publish Date November 17 2016

Date posted January 03 2017


Do your competitors and peers have a better cybersecurity game plan than you? If simply answering that question seems exhausting, this eBook is here to help.

Today's chief information officer knows they can’t outsource risk. Yet every year, cyber risk demands more and more time from the already-busy CIO.

This eBook explores:

  • Why cybersecurity benchmarking is difficult for the modern CIO
  • Different methods of benchmarking you may be involved in (or want to consider)
  • How Security Ratings may solve many benchmarking challenges

Download this eBook today to establish your benchmarking plan -- and rest easier at night.


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