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Mapping the Demands of Real-World Apps — One IO at a Time

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Publish Date November 01 2016

Date posted January 20 2017


Anyone who has purchased hardware for business applications knows that determining the needs of a deployment can be a complex process. While different applications are known to have different needs, even deployments of the same application can differ from one another, making the standardization of benchmarks difficult. There are more benchmarking tools and guidelines continue today than ever before, some of them directly contradictory.

At Nimble Storage, we're able to provide some objective perpective, thatnks to InfoSight. The InfoSight platform has collected hundreds of terabytes of customer telementary, from thousands of customer applications, in just the past year alone. In 2015, we used this platform to analyze in ensemble the IO request of the applications running in our installed base and presented our results. This research report extends that analysis so that we not only show how common applications differ from one another in aggregate, but also to what degree IO requests from the same application can vary from deployment to deployment.


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