Data Privacy and Security

Rethink Security

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Category Data Privacy and Security

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Length 34

Publish Date February 12 2017

Date posted March 06 2017


It’s time for a massive rethink in security. In 2016 over $75B was spent on cyber security, and yet the number of breaches skyrocketed to 4.2 billion incidents. Minimising an organisation’s attack surface as its network continues to expand requires a paradigm shift in security strategy. The traditional approach to cyber security is not secure against breaches.


To protect organisations from data breaches and financial ruin, a massive rethink of security strategy is required. Read this eBook, "Rethink Security: A Massive Paradigm Shift in the Age of Access," to understand the changing cyber security landscape and, more importantly, how to keep your company’s information safe in the face of it.



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