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Farsight Passive DNS Data with Who is Data integrated together using Iris 2.0 from Domain Tools

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Category Internet Security

Type Webinar

Length 00:30:00

Publish Date March 14 2017

Date posted March 07 2017


Nothing good or bad can happen on the Internet without the Domain Name System (DNS), which provides visibility of the local and global Internet, and unparalleled intelligence on cybercriminals and attack methods.

In this presentation, Farsight Scientist, Joe St Sauver and DomainTools Director of Product Management, Tim Helming, will discuss the value of Passive DNS and Whois data for cyberinvestigations and how real-time DNS observations improve the accuracy and response time to cyberattacks.

Key Points include:

  • The value of Passive DNS and Whois data in cyberinvestigations
  • Observe how real-time DNS observations can improve response time to cyberattacks
  • Demonstration of the Iris 2.0 cybercrime tool

Tuesday March 14th, 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern


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