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The Future of Construction Safety? You’re Wearing It.

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Publish Date February 08 2017

Date posted March 08 2017


Do wearables really have a future on the construction job site?

Imagine getting ready for another day on the job site. You put on your hard hat and it tells you the high temperatures for the day while reminding you to stay hydrated. You slip into your safety vest and it analyzes the parts of your back that you strained last week and gives you alternate ideal working positions.

Sound crazy? Well these additions to your workday routine are coming sooner than you may think and early adopters are claiming improved job site safety and significant boosts to productivity.

Safety is an issue on a lot of job sites, but it doesn’t have to be your.

Download our free eBook, “The Future of Construction Safety? You’re Wearing It.” for a deep-dive into the latest wearable technology and how it could change the way you look at job site safety.


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