Making the Shift to Patient-centered Radiology

Provided by Ambra Health

Category Healthcare

Type White Paper

Length 7

Publish Date February 24 2017

Date posted March 22 2017


A healthcare system under transition has meant that more than ever the patient is at the center, at every stage of their journey, from physician, to radiology, to follow-up. But for radiologists, this shift can pose a significant challenge, because their role has traditionally meant contact mostly with other doctors, with limited patient contact.

But radiologists are increasingly changing how they work, to engage with patients more. With the growth of patient and physician portals, and increasingly activated patients, there are more opportunities for contact than ever.
This strategy brief, from a recent online event presented by the Advisory Board, provides an overview of the changing landscape. It provides insights into how radiologists can update their workflows and patient/physician engagement, to adjust to a more patientcentered world.


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