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The Virtuous Cycle: A Symbiotic Relationship Between Worker and Customer Experience

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Publish Date March 01 2017

Date posted March 23 2017


We’ve all heard the old saying: Don’t put the cart before the horse. When it comes to worker and customer experiences, think of the horse as your workers and the cart as your customers. If you don’t take good care of your horse — give it fresh water, food, grooming, and shelter — it won’t be very reliable, and may not be able to pull your cart very far. The same logic applies to your employees — take better care of them and provide them with the resources they need, and they’ll be more motivated and equipped to provide exceptional service to customers.

The Customer Experience (CX) and Worker Experience (WX) should be treated with equal importance, and transformations should occur simultaneously. Empowering and engaging your workers leads to increased productivity, business growth, and better experiences for customers. And on the flipside, happier customers are easier and more enjoyable to serve; workers will be more satisfied in their jobs if they aren’t constantly putting out fires and dealing with customers who have had a less-than-stellar experience. This complementary relationship between a better worker and customer experience is what we call the Virtuous Cycle.



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