Cloud Computing Management

Efficient IT Operations Require Workload Automation

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Publish Date June 28 2016

Date posted March 24 2017


Job scheduling is a necessary component of data centers. Without job scheduling, an enterprise would not be able to execute long application processes that deal with massive amounts of data yet are necessary for online and transactional processing. Distributed systems and complex asynchronous applications have brought new constraints to how enterprises plan, execute, and monitor jobs. Today’s IT organization places a stronger emphasis on automation: Ad hoc solutions such as scripting and ad hoc scheduling are no longer up to the task. Over the past several years, we have seen job scheduling evolve into workload automation. Job scheduling started from a discipline that used spare computing time and ad hoc implementations to execute batches. However, it is now an enterprisewide solution for executing asynchronous applications that result from events or user actions.


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