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The DZone Guide to DevOps Continuous Delivery and Automation

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Publish Date April 27 2017

Date posted March 24 2017


Ever since DevOps became a permanent topic of discussion in the world of software development, there’s been a push from thought leaders, developers, and businesses to adopt the tools and methodologies to achieving Continuous Delivery. The benefits are obvious: with increased collaboration between development and
operations teams, automated testing and deployments, and a supportive culture, bottlenecks can be eliminated, code changes can be deployed faster, and applications can recover from downtime much quicker. This year, it seems that understanding around the processes, and benfits is starting to make a substantial difference in organizations and their employees, compared to previous years. For DZone’s 2017 Guide to DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Automation, we surveyed almost 500 DZone members about how their organizations have adopted DevOps, what their pain points are, what tools they use, and how they’ve finally made real headway to implementing Continuous Delivery throughout their organizations.


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