Threat and Vulnerability Management

It's Time to Align Your Vulnerability Management Priorities With the Biggest Threats

Provided by Skybox

Category Threat and Vulnerability Management

Type Analyst Report

Length 22

Publish Date October 04 2016

Date posted April 04 2017


Read the report to see why IT security leaders should refocus their attention on how vulnerabilities are being managed and should track this metric to provide visibility as to how to reduce the biggest risks of being breached.

Skybox Security, a global leader in cybersecurity management, gives organizations the tools and insight needed to roll out a fundamentally different — strategic — approach to vulnerability and threat management. Combining attack surface visibility, threat–centric vulnerability intelligence and attack vector analytics, Skybox pinpoints the vulnerabilities that put your organization most at risk, enabling security managers to automatically prioritize the remediation of imminent threats to the organization and plan for ongoing, gradual risk reduction of potential threats that could escalate.  

Skybox solutions:

  • Improve vulnerability prioritization using total network visibility, attack vector analytics and real-time threat intelligence
  • Focus remediation on the relatively small number of vulnerabilities in your environment that are actively being exploited in the wild, have an exploit available or are used to target your industry or region
  • Optimize and manage gradual risk reduction to ensure potential threats don’t escalate
  • Track remediation progress, measure risk levels and view trends in risk fighting efforts over time


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