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Conventional Wisdom is Wrong - Public Cloud Storage Costs More

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Publish Date February 17 2017

Date posted April 19 2017


Ask any storage analyst or IT storage professional about public cloud storage costs and they will say with complete confidence that it’s cheaper than on-prem storage. They are incorrect, much to their surprise. It doesn’t matter whether the public cloud storage in question is block, file or object, the on-prem storage is just about always less costly. The primary exception are those rare circumstances when the storage is temporary or short term, less than 18 months, and is specifically public cloud object storage. The question becomes how often is storage consumed just temporarily or for short term? The answer is not very often.

This assertion goes against the conventional wisdom and as a result raises many additional questions among IT storage pros.

• How was this conclusion reached?
• What is being compared?
• What assumptions were made?
• Are they realistic?
• Over what period of time?
• Is the public cloud storage “on-demand” feature being taken into consideration?
• What about operating expense costs of on-prem storage?


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