Risk Management

Reputation Matters: Why Reputational Risk Management Is So Critical For Your Organization

Provided by BitSight Technologies

Category Risk Management

Type E-Book

Length 8

Publish Date March 23 2017

Date posted April 20 2017


You know the risk of a cyber incident when it comes to finances or operations. But what happens if your company’s reputation suffers?

In today’s cyber risk environment—especially with the rapid spread of information over social media—companies are becoming more and more concerned about how a cyber incident could potentially damage their character or good name. But relying on a solid PR strategy alone doesn’t take preventative measures into account.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why reputation risk management (RRM) is so critical.
  • How RRM and cybersecurity intersect.
  • Four benefits of using cybersecurity monitoring as part of your RRM strategy.

Download this guide today to explore how monitoring security performance can be a powerful tool against reputational harm.


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