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APC by Schneider Electric provides protection against many of the primary causes of data loss, hardware damage and downtime. Founded in 1981, APC by Schneider Electric is a leading provider of global, end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services.

Legendary Reliability

APC experts deliver integrated Data Centre solutions with high reliability, agility, and low total cost of ownership, from the rack to row, to room to building.

Data Center Management

How Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs

This paper can help you to use data center infrastructure management software tools to simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information...

Data Center

Estimating a Data Center's Electrical Carbon Footprint

Data center owners are challenged more than ever to report their carbon emissions and are working to reduce them. This paper explains a simple approach...

Data Center Management

Allocating Data Center Energy Costs and Carbon to IT Users

This paper outlines the practices and costs behind allocation carbon and energy costs to your IT users. Make energy efficiency more simple and less complex...

Data Center Management

Data Center Capital Cost Calculator

This data center design capital cost calculator can help you identify your budget and the number of racks and floor space required for your physical data...

Data Center Management

Data Center Design Planning Calculator

This data center design calculator tool can help you analyze the five main parameters that directly affect the design of your data center’s physical infrastructure...

Data Center Management

Data Center Physical Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value

This paper explains how to optimize your data center physical infrastructure in order to improve its business value. Learn how to achieve agility and low...

Data Center Management

Economizer Modes of Data Center Cooling Systems

This paper explains how different types of economizer mode can help you save energy in your data center. Read about the performance of several types of...

Data Center Management

Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers

This paper explains how to measure, evaluate and model data center efficiency. Read a comparison of the benefits of periodic assessment vs continuous monitoring....

Data Center Management

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

This paper can help you greatly reduce power consumption in your data center. Learn how to cut costs and electricity usage through design of your data...

Data Center Management

Tackling Today’s Data Center Energy Efficiency Challenges – A Software-Oriented Approach

This paper can help you to effectively measure energy efficiency in your data center. Learn how to overcome the challenges of increased load densities...



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