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Why IBM System x and BladeCenter solutions
Whether your business requires a "quick start" solution or you do your own integration, IBM System x® and BladeCenter® systems provide highly reliable and flexible platforms that can scale quickly, easily and inexpensively, so you can stretch your IT budget and confidently execute your business objectives - even as conditions change.

IBM System X BladeCenter Resource Center

Converge your IT Infrastructure - Begin a path to full convergence with IBM BladeCenter solution that includes server, storage, virtualization, server and network consolidation.


IBM System x: From Boxes to Workloads

This white paper explores a shift away from piece-parts towards more integrated offerings in where the technology moves to the background and the system...


IBM's System x with eXFlash: Workload Optimized, Pre-Integrated Server/Storage

In this Advisory, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at a class of servers known as "pre-integrated" servers.


Prepare for the Quantum Leap in Real-Time Analytics

This paper explores the possibilities for clients to raise their game and win in the marketplace with in-memory computing.

Voice & Data Convergence

System Networks Drive the Next Generation of Automated, Dynamic Datacenters by IDC

This IDC white paper discusses the move to 10GbE, convergence and Big Data for enterprise data centers.


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