Headshot of Stan Schneider, CEO at Real-Time Innovations

C-suite career advice: Stan Schneider, Real-Time Innovations

What was the most valuable piece of career advice that you received? “As a student: get a degree that combines engineering and computer science. The future will be built from smart things; people who understand how things work and...

Tablet displaying many technology elements, cloud/servers/icons are being observed by an eye

Why all organisations can access the benefits of observability 

No matter the organisation, the IT tech stack is getting more complex by the day. To manage these demands businesses are grappling for the resources and skills to manage their digital infrastructure, maintain uptime, and keep on the...

Headshot of Ilona Simpson, CIO EMEA at Netskope

CIO Spotlight: Ilona Simpson, Netskope

Should the CIO role have additional responsibilities it does not currently include? “I personally see opportunity to work closer with CISOs, and to jointly drive business-wide efforts related to “good digital citizenship” of...

A ladder coming up thriough a keyhole

Escaping operational black holes with unified ‘full-fidelity’ observability

As tech leaders now look to gain deep and granular tranches of management control across their IT estates, there is a reasonable (if not compelling) argument for questioning the form, focus and fidelity of our observability viewpoint...

People having a meeting in executive conference room with cityscape as the background

How to communicate risk to the board: the ‘Goldilocks’ approach

Boards care about risk – while boards are getting more IT-savvy members to cope with the challenges and changes that are taking place around their businesses, they really care about risk. Boards and executives are now approaching...

Paul Calatayud, CISO at Aqua Security

Secret CSO: Paul Calatayud, Aqua Security

Explain your career path. Did you take any detours? “Some people would probably say the army was a detour, although I don’t think so. It was certainly an unusual introduction to the industry.”

Cyber security illustration. Lock icon. Digital information and database protection

Database Security: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the database security market.

Headshot of Gal Shaul, Co-Founder & CTO at Augury

CTO Sessions: Gal Shaul, Augury

What predictions do you have for the role of the CTO in the future? “With the increasing pace of innovation, CTOs will need to get better at disrupting their own products.”

Businessman holding a tablet showing holographic chart that portraying rising growth

Tech start-ups are the solution to boosting economic growth in Africa

Africa is trailing behind the world in developing a knowledge-based, digital economy but governments can change this by supporting tech start-ups through incentives and investment in workforce skills, says the World Economic Forum.

Headshot of George Fraser, CEO and Co-founder at Fivetran

C-suite career advice: George Fraser, Fivetran

Do you think it is better to have technical or business skills – or a mix of both? “It’s better to have technical skills, business skills can be learned later”

A progress bar for 'New Skill' is loading

Is a low digital quotient holding your business back?

Jez Ward, Head of Advisory and Executive Cloud Advisor at Cloudreach, discusses how IT leaders can develop Digital Quotient within a business and provides a few tips on ways organisations can educate their workforce.

Headshot of R. Venkateswaran, CIO at Persistent Systems

CIO Spotlight: R. Venkateswaran, Persistent Systems

What's the best career advice you ever received? “It sounds cliche, but I strongly believe that every role has a significant learning potential. Bring your best to the role, with the utmost sincerity and learn as you go.”

Word cube that says 'Tech Debt'

CIOs take a business approach to technical debt

Technical debt is the responsibility of the entire organisation; CIOs and CTOs reveal how to build the business case

Red cubes say the phrase no code against a green chip background

How no-code test automation closes the skills gap & accelerates digital transformation

Christian Brink Frederiksen, CEO and Co-Founder at Leapwork looks at why so many companies are failing to successfully adopt and scale test automation, and how no-code test automation can help.

Headshot of Dan Lohrmann, Field CISO at Presidio

Secret CSO: Dan Lohrmann, Presidio

What is the worst current trend in cybersecurity? “Ransomware is eating us alive. Bad actors are still too far ahead.”