Table top view of multicultural schoolchildren building robots – STEM education concept

How to boost youth skills in the tech industry

Technology experts discuss how the industry is working to boost youth skills, and the importance of upskilling young people to help close the widening tech skills gap.

Robot fires man. Concept of replacing people with robots

Robot recruitment ‘replacing’ humans, who’s next?

AI-driven recruitment firm Sense uses the Iguazio MLOps platform to power its Sense AI Chatbot, an intelligent automated recruiting assistant that speeds the hiring process and provides ‘uncompromised personalisation’. So, does this...

Headshot of Jim Doggett, CISO at Semperis

Secret CSO: Jim Doggett, Semperis

What is the best current trend in cybersecurity? “I find the trend of CISOs becoming equal parts security professional and risk professional to be a very positive trend. There are too many security risks to solve them all, so we must...

Businessman using mobile smart phone and security shielding icon.

Application Security Tools: Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the application security tool market

Headshot of Tim Carmody, Executive Vice President and CTO at IPC

CTO Sessions: Tim Carmody, IPC

What type of CTO are you? “I leverage my technical experience to act as a conduit between technology and business to drive the best solutions possible not only for today but also the future.”

Businessman in atlas pose carrying green globe with seedling plant on his shoulder

Can CIOs lead the charge towards NetZero?

As most of Europe experiences record temperatures, spontaneous house fires and water shortages, the issue of climate change is increasingly pronounced. While technology is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, it also...

Headshot of Gav Winter, CEO at RapidSpike

C-suite career advice: Gav Winter, RapidSpike

What was the worst piece of business advice that you received? “Only leaders can make decisions. I’d much rather have everyone’s input and empower my team so they can take ownership of their choices and help me do the same…”

Man using mobile phone and laptop computer with international currencies – FinTech, Global business

How can access to financial infrastructure impact global expansion success?

Global trade might have opened up global business opportunities, but to take full advantage businesses need to be digital-ready from top to bottom. Pranav Sood, General Manager EMEA at Airwallex explains why digital payments...

Headshot of Tim Smith, CIO at Dispersive Holdings

CIO Spotlight: Tim Smith, Dispersive Holdings

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? “Listen more and speak less… always be open to hearing – as well as listening – to a different perspective.”

Director chair with black and yellow clapper board or movie slate on white background

Brightcove’s new CEO seeks starring role in video revolution

Media veteran Marc DeBevoise wants to make Brightcove the default partner for companies becoming media companies.

Figurine of businessman reading a paper while sitting on coin stack

CIOs and CFOs must increase financial literacy

Finance leaders complain of poor fiduciary knowledge amongst IT teams but must play a role in educating techs and peers.

Headshot of Laura Whitt-Winyard, CISO at Malwarebytes

Secret CSO: Laura Whitt-Winyard, Malwarebytes

What is the best current trend in cybersecurity? “That the cybersecurity community, public and private sectors are coming to the realisation that we all must work together on cybersecurity. It is a puzzle that will never be solved…”

A businessman reaching out to touch a user type login, and password

Auth0 vs Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): Which Single Sign-On (SSO) solution is better?

Peerspot users evaluate two of the highest reviewed solutions in the Single Sign-On (SSO) market – Auth0 and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Headshot of Robert Blumofe, EVP & CTO at Akamai

CTO Sessions: Robert Blumofe, Akamai

Which emerging technology are you most excited about the prospect of? “I’m really hopeful about the prospects for clean and renewable energy.”

Businessman steps into Future Door concept, moving forward to new Web3.0 & blockchain

Minima blockchain chief: how to live in Web3

As we start to think about Web3 with its prolific use of decentralised distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, ‘simply’ peppering in some decentralisation does not necessarily guarantee graduation to this new tier - the...