CTO Sessions: Stuart Kemp, Reducer

How do you align your technology use to meet business goals? “You need a crystal clear understanding of your business performance and how processes affect outcomes to develop a good product.”

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IT Salary Survey 2021: Over half of IT pros are satisfied at work – but nearly half are job hunting

Happy at work? Maybe you are not alone. Our 2021 salary survey of IT professionals reveals current attitudes to pay, responsibilities and what matters most in their current jobs.


What is GitOps and why does it matter to your business?

Tom Finch, Solutions Architect at cloud native delivery platform Appvia, demystifies GitOps and explains why it’s an important part of the bigger technology and digitalisation play for businesses


C-suite career advice: Martin Taylor, Content Guru

What are the three skills or abilities you look for in prospective candidates? “Thoroughness, flexibility and a real love of tech.”

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IT Salary Survey 2021: Hiring rate expected to increase but priorities will shift

Our survey of 1,172 IT professionals finds that demand for some IT skills is strong but the pandemic has influenced the rate of hiring and roles that are being prioritized.


India outside the big cities: will non-metro entrepreneurs seize the coming decade?

A tech-enabled startup ecosystem is emerging outside India’s metros. What's driving this phenomenon?


CIO Spotlight: Eddie Garcia, Cloudera

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? "Engage with different parts of the business, get out of your comfort zone..."

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IT Salary Survey 2021: Compensation holds steady despite pandemic

Our survey of 1,172 IT pros finds that despite the pandemic, most people have seen compensation rise or remain steady but some old inequalities remain


Tibco CMO seeks a Netflix-like experience

Fred Studer talks about the modern marketing chief role within tech companies.


What is a ‘data-driven culture’ and how can an organisation build one?

Data is now the lifeblood of a modern organisation. However, growing into a data-led business relies on the people within the business who are willing to embrace a data-driven culture.


Secret CSO: John Germain, Duck Creek Technologies, Inc

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? "For me it is building relationships. Cybersecurity is challenging because you need to partner and communicate with all parts and levels of an organisation."


All-Flash Storage Arrays: Which solution is best?

IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the All-Flash Storage Array market


CTO Sessions: Joel Friedman, Aclaimant

Are there any technologies which you think are overhyped? Why? “I'm too curious of what could happen over the coming years to dismiss something as overhyped.”


This is what US-China digital cold war means for Africa

How digital cold war between United States and China is affecting the technological scene in Africa.


C-suite career advice: Jason Goodall, NTT Ltd

What are the most common mistakes made by candidates in an interview? “An interview should be a two-way conversation, not a personality test.”