Headshot of Josh Langley, SVP and CIO at Iron Mountain

CIO Spotlight: Josh Langley, Iron Mountain

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? “Say yes to any opportunity, no matter how challenging. This has served me well as I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience and learned to get the most difficult programs over...

Headshot of James Karimi, CIO & CISO at GTT Communications

Secret CSO: James Karimi, GTT Communications

Cybersecurity is constantly changing – how do you keep learning? “Reading – and it’s not just reading books. It’s keeping track of conversations on forums and board rooms. The online chatter is sometimes where you can pick up on news...

3D Laptop with shield, Cyber Security concept.

Cisco Security Suite: Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions offered by Cisco Security.

Headshot of Madalina Tanasie, CTO at Collibra

CTO Sessions: Madalina Tanasie, Collibra

What is the biggest issue that you’re helping customers with at the moment? “Most companies understand that data is a valuable, strategic asset. But companies are still struggling to manage their data.”

Headshot of Wendy Lurrie, Chief Marketing Officer at Sinequa

C-suite Career Advice: Wendy Lurrie, Sinequa

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position? “To celebrate what people do well, don’t punish them for what they don’t do well – find ways to address that but honour what they do uniquely well.”

Headshot Kristie Grinnell, Senior VP & CIO  at DXC Technology

CIO Spotlight: Kristie Grinnell, DXC Technology

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? “I would say ‘Just do it and always be curious.’ The best way to prove you’re the right one for the role, is to just do it.”

Headshot of Paul Lewis, CISO at Nominet Cyber

Secret CSO: Paul Lewis, Nominet Cyber

What is the best current trend in cybersecurity? “Currently, the best trend is getting back to basics. Cyber hygiene is really important…”

3D Illustration rendering of data sets. Deduplication concept

Deduplication Software: Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the deduplication software market.

Headshot of Junaid Saiyed, CTO & SVP Engineering at Alation

CTO Sessions: Junaid Saiyed, Alation

Which emerging technology are you most excited about the prospect of? “Low code… the most disruptive technologies have been the ones where they have democratised access to technologies that were previously only accessible to a few.”

Headshot of Chonchol Gupta, CEO and Co-founder at Rebirth Analytics

C-suite career advice: Chonchol Gupta, Rebirth Analytics

What would put you off a candidate? “People who can’t leave their ego at the door don’t listen, they don’t learn, and they don’t see others’ points of view.”

Headshot of Mike Beattie, Global CIO & SVP, IT at Securitas Technology

CIO Spotlight: Mike Beattie, Securitas Technology

Does the CIO role have additional responsibilities it does not currently include? “Being only a technical expert is no longer enough if you don’t have the business acumen and strategic business thinking to contribute to the executive...

Headshot of Rob Hughes, CISO at RSA

Secret CSO: Rob Hughes, RSA

What metrics or KPIs do you use to measure security effectiveness? “There’s no one metric that’s going to tell the full security story.”

digital code number abstract background, represent data visualisation

Data Visualisation: Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the data visualisation market.

Headshot of George Glass, CTO at TM Forum

CTO Sessions: George Glass, TM Forum

What predictions do you have for the role of the CTO in the future? “In telecoms, the role of the CTO is changing significantly as organisations are looking for software engineering skills to develop differentiated services…”

Headshot of Frank Laura, CTO at EngageSmart

C-suite career advice: Frank Laura, EngageSmart

How important are specific certifications? “To me, it’s more about internal motivation and the ability to produce results, not how many certificates you’ve earned.”