How technology is helping create work-life integration

How technology is helping create work-life integration

It seems like a contradiction to say it, but technology can and is helping people maintain a better work-life balance and bring greater flexibility into the workplace. While much of the focus has been on how technology erodes the boundaries between work and home by creating an always-on, always-connected and therefore always-in-the-office environment, some companies are using technology to do the opposite.

Many technology-enabled work-life programmes tend to focus on how such devices and software can help employees seamlessly work from anywhere. But true work-life balance is not about increasing opportunities to work, but rather using technology to improve employees' lives and support them beyond the workplace.


Integration not balance

Clayton Moulynox, Director of Culture at Auth0, says that in today's always-on, connected society, the concept of "balancing" work and home life is somewhat antiquated. "It's not as if they're separate things, teetering on each end of a giant seesaw. Work is a subset of life, and the goal should be work-life integration," he says.

Brendon Craigie, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tyto PR, says that many different things are lumped under the heading of work-life balance, but for him, it is about creating a business culture and an operating model that allows individuals to fulfil all their aspirations in work and in their personal lives. "Too often people are forced to compromise on one of these two things," he says.

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