Headshot of Ledion Bitincka, Co-founder & CTO at Cribl

CTO Sessions: Ledion Bitincka, Cribl

Which emerging technology are you most excited about the prospect of? “One area that I am really excited about is the emerging adoption of ARM processors in public clouds and data centres.”

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Which countries and industries are suffering the worst cyber attacks?

Research reveals the most cyber insecure countries in the world and the type of cybercrimes they are facing.

Headshot of Jeff Abbott, CEO at Ivanti

C-suite career advice: Jeff Abbott, Ivanti

Which would you recommend: A coding bootcamp or a computer science degree? “There isn’t one path that everyone should take, but you should look at what you want your career to look like… There are skills you learn through all types...

A graduation hat on top of a blue book next to rolled up paper with a red bow. Graduation concept

The future of tech relies on humanities degrees

The evolving tech industry has long been alluring to young professionals, with many pursuing STEM-focused degrees to safeguard their future career prospects. This has led to a sentiment that humanities degrees could be a less...

Headshot of Jan Manning, CIO & SVP of IT at Forescout

CIO Spotlight: Jan Manning, Forescout

What's the best career advice you ever received? “The best career advice I have ever received was to love what you do! When you love what you do, it shows in the quality of your work.”

Blue Technology Digital Highway background

Governing factors in data sovereignty on the road ahead

Now is a timely moment to delve into the digital dilemmas thrown up by data sovereignty, and look into some of the current projects, protocols and processes now impacting the way we work in order that we can accommodate for...

A businessman looks through binoculars for a target. Eyes on goal focused concentration

Building the role of Chief Focus Officer

Whilst employees are unanimous in loving the additional flexibility of hybrid working, they would also likely admit to having to combat new distractions that sap productivity – whether that’s blocking out the sound of kids when...

Headshot of Jim Tiller, CISO at Nash Squared

Secret CSO: Jim Tiller, Nash Squared

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? “It’s my job to translate a complex and diverse set of information into balanced business and cyber terms.”

Closeup on businessman holding a card with DLP Data Loss Prevention message

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the data loss prevention (DLP) market

Headshot of Aaron Harris, CTO at Sage

CTO Sessions: Aaron Harris, Sage

Do you have any trouble matching product/service strategy with tech strategy? “I think the bigger challenge is knowing when to insist on absolute adherence to the strategy and when to allow exceptions.”

Headshot of Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, President at CyAN

CyAN network aims to smash cybersec silos

Group provides a meeting space to talk security from all angles, not just tech

Headshot of William Cowell de Gruchy, CEO at Infogrid

C-suite career advice: William Cowell de Gruchy, Infogrid

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position? “The main thing is unrelenting self belief; if you believe you will make it happen, it is far, far more likely to happen.”

Illustration of a man with laptop against a background of multiple screens of people

Five key learnings when managing a globally distributed workforce

More and more organisations are turning to a distributed workforce, but doing so is not without challenges. Spryker’s People & Culture VP Elise Mueller, offers best practice guidance on how to manage a globally distributed workforce.

Headshot of Carter Busse, CIO at Workato

CIO Spotlight: Carter Busse, Workato

What roles or skills are you finding (or anticipate to be) the most difficult to fill? “The roles that I’m finding the most difficult to fill are data roles (including data leaders) and business analysts. Data is such an integral part...

Wooden cubes; the symbols of circular economy and a potted plant in the background

Squaring up to a circular IT strategy

With today’s emphasis on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) weighing heavy on the minds of C-suite IT directors everywhere, the need to embrace the principles of the circular economy is front of mind in enterprises...