Latin America's IT disparity
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Latin America's IT disparity

Across Latin America (LATAM) there's a huge disparity in IT innovation, training and skills. When it comes to skills in general, countries such as Chile and Columbia are leading the way in the region, ranked 32nd and 34th in INSEAD's 2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). At the other end of the scale countries such as Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Paraguay all come in below the 100 mark.

Consistent with the vast economic and cultural diversity in the region, another report highlights Latin America's high IT skills inequality. In the Coursera 2019 Global Skills Index Argentina took the number one slot in the technology category - a stark contrast to Mexico and Columbia, which came in at 43rd and 49th.

It's important to remember how different each country in the region can be; from their regimes through to their infrastructure. Coursera's report notes that Argentina's rating reflects the country's strong technology community and tech-savvy government while Columbia is crying out for private sector and training investment in order to fill roles and improve its competitiveness.

And even within each country there's a lot of variance notes Felipe Monteiro, academic director of INSEAD's GTCI. "We see pockets of technical excellence popping up in certain towns and cities, while more remote areas may be much less developed," he says.

Regional challenges

According to Guillermo Gabilondo, LATAM director of recruitment firm Experis, the region is facing a brain drain due to low investment in technology.

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