C-suite career advice: Jamie Jefferies, Ciena

Which would you recommend: A coding bootcamp or a computer science degree? "Regardless of what you choose - I'd stress that it is importance to get as much experience as possible."

Name: Jamie Jefferies

Company: Ciena

Job Title: Vice President and General Manager of EMEA

Location: London, UK

Jamie Jefferies has more than 30 years of experience in the communications sector and more than 15 years of leadership experience in both the U.S. and European markets, spanning sales, engineering, operations, project management and business development. Jefferies has been with Ciena for more than 18 years, bringing his strong technical knowledge and business sense. Alongside his day to day role, Jefferies is a huge advocate of Ciena's recently launched community programme, which is designed to support those who have recently graduated and are looking for what's next in their career.

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