New research: Global IT feels the strain of lockdown

IDG Connect coronavirus research study looks at how the lockdown is impacting IT - part one covers the data.

IDG Connect research polls 476 global IT decision makers to discover how mass lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic is impacting their work. In the first of this two-part deep dive into the findings we look at the regional differences that emerge from the data.

The situation we now all find ourselves in is like nothing the world has ever seen before. The entire globe is at various stages of lockdown. Essential workers are still going about their daily business - outside - but the rest of us are confined to our houses, almost entirely dependent on IT. On top of this, many businesses are unable to trade and, as economies across the globe spiral into freefall, only those businesses which are grounded in technology can continue.

The ability of the internet to cope has been well discussed but what about the people - a different kind of essential worker, perhaps - who ensure all this technology continues to run? To find out, IDG Connect posed four simple questions to our global audience and received back answers from all continents. The weighting was towards Europe (38%), then Asia (31%) and respondents came from a range of different IT roles, with over half (51%) in leadership positions.

Over half of respondents report a great deal of strain on their department

Across the globe, IT decision makers highlight the strain this current crisis is placing on their department. When we aggregated the results into three broad categories of ‘little strain', ‘some strain' and ‘a lot of strain', 51% reported the highest strain. This was pretty consistent around the world - although interestingly, the continents which seemed to be having the most difficulties were North America (61%) and Asia (57%), while Europe appeared to be finding the transition the easiest.

North America reports the greatest strain

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