Blockchain For Dummies: What you really need to know

Read an interview with the author of ‘Blockchain For Dummies’ and download the first chapter as a PDF

The first 'Blockchain For Dummies' guide was released by Wiley earlier this year. Download the first chapter 'Getting started with blockchain’ in PDF format. And read an exclusive interview with author, Tiana Laurence (co-founder of Factom), below.


How did you come to write this ‘for dummies’ guide?

I was contacted by my editor after he had found some of my thought leadership pieces floating on the internet. He was looking for a person that could explain this technology to the average person that did not have a technical background. I had spent the last year in Silicon Valley educating executives and governments about blockchain, so it was a natural fit.

What do you think is the most important thing for senior executives to understand about blockchain?

Blockchain can be used for many different things, but they only do a few simple tasks. Blockchains create, for all intents and purposes, permanent data that is locked in time. Since data can be used for a variety of different things, so can blockchains. It is best to find one small place where this capability will add value and then test your idea rather than becoming overwhelmed by all the places you could hypothetically use blockchain technology. Also, there are many blockchains available that have been designed to do different things. Look for the one that was intended to solve your problem and start on a small scale. 

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