The changing name and face of enterprise IT

What's in a name? A new role in organisational change it seems, as IT matures into a business change agency.

IT is dead, long live IT. The changing shape of how technology is used by the enterprise and its customers has led to the traditional name - IT - to be largely deleted from the tape drive. With new names come new responsibilities and CIOs in a wide range of vertical markets have rebranded the organisations they lead on a day-to-day basis to reflect the new position they as a business technology leader and their team members have within a business. 

A discussion amongst over 100 CIOs in a private forum surfaced a dozen new departmental names. Although there may be a wide variety in names, there was a clear consensus amongst these business technology leaders, the role of their team and of technology in an organisation is a world away from the IT department that by 2006 had spawned the UK made comedy series The IT Crowd.  At the time of its broadcast there were many in enterprise technology leadership circles who winced and wondered was it a documentary and not a comedy? 

Our forum of CIOs and chief technology officers (CTO) lead departments with names such as:

  1. Group Information Systems
  2.  IDT - Information & Digital Technology
  3. Technology - cited by a number of users for simply saying what it does on the tin
  4. Global Technology Team
  5. Digital Services
  6. Digital and Support
  7. Digital & Informatics Team
  8. Business Technology & Information Services
  9. Business Systems
  10. Information Technology Services
  11. Innovation, Technology & Sustainability
  12. Digital and Technology Solutions

Information remains a continually important element of the title and as we enter the next phase of the digital and data economy, it is only right that organisations understand that information is vital and effective management of information relies on technology.

Unsurprisingly digital has become popular in recent years and a number of organisations use the term business and the CIOs in the forum all refer to better levels of engagement and decreased alignment issues. 

These new department names are indicative of the enhanced place technology and senior technology leadership has in an organisation. A recent study of the global CIO community by the IDG Connect parent company found the CIO to be in a board level position and at the centre of "defining core business strategy, cultivating customer and board room relationships, and taking on additional responsibilities as companies prepare for the next chapter in digital business".

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