C-suite career advice: Stina Ehrensvard, Yubico

How important are specific certifications? "Certifications can be a plus but should never be a requirement."

Name: Stina Ehrensvard

Company: Yubico

Job Title: CEO & Co-founder

Location: Palo Alto, California

Stina Ehrensvard is the CEO and co-founder of Yubico, co-inventor of the YubiKey. She is a visionary IT entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating and bringing new technology innovations to global markets including FIDO and WebAuthn, the new standards for web authentication. Ehrensvard is an accomplished speaker on internet identity, security, and entrepreneurship, having addressed audiences at the TechCrunch Disrupt, SXSW, Wired Security UK, RSA Conference, Stanford University, the White House Cybersecurity Summit and Oslo Freedom Forum.

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