Everything you need to know about… Digital transformation

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on the digital transformation.

‘Digital Transformation' is one of the buzz phrases of our time and you hear it whenever business and technology conference delegates gather. But what is set in stone and what's still up for grabs? Should businesses care if their partners are undergoing digital transformation, and what could block their own paths to digital transformation?

Here's everything you need to know.


Digital Transformation Basics 

Data provides CIO with digital transformation insight

Digital modernisation programmes led by data aware executives are vital to success.

How to continue tech investment despite a squeeze on funds

IT leaders may be under exceptional pressure but there are several ways to enable tech investments to continue even when budgets are tightened.

Use the connected economy to be local and loved

The technologies available to business today offers an opportunity to deliver personalised, specialist and local services and yet remain a major player globally.

Should businesses care if their supply chain partners have undergone digital transformation?

When it comes to choosing supply chain partners, how important is it that the company you're working with is 'digital' or is undergoing a transformation?

The c-suite talk digital transformation

Meet the Pizza Hut MD putting digital on the menu

Regina Borda has spearheaded a project to make digital and e-commerce central to the 61-year-old pizza brand.

CIOs feel the pressure of digital transformation

Research reveals that digital transformation is putting CIOs under unprecedented pressure and straining relationships with other C-suite decision makers.

What do businesses need to understand about Mixed Reality?

A discussion on where Mixed Reality is headed and its role in digital transformation.

Use Cases around the World

Pandemic helps accelerate digital transformation across South East Asia

Digital transformation in the South East Asia region (ASEAN) has seen dramatic acceleration due to COVID-19, as the pandemic highlighted enterprises' reliance on traditional IT infrastructure.

Smaller farms to benefit from IBM technology

How immediate soil testing could shake up coffee production.

Latin America's push towards digital transformation

Countries in Latin America are ranking among the highest in digitization and innovation as the region embraces emerging technologies to solve local problems.

Data silos are hurting digital transformation in Africa - how?

Government departments have been accused of poor handling of citizen data. Could a centralised, standard citizen database be the cure?

How airports can take off with digital transformation

With airport IT spending expected to reach $4.63 billion by 2023, what technologies are they looking to implement, and how will airports benefit - and change!

CA Technologies’ Transformation

How a 40 year old tech company continues to progress and stay relevant.