5 important traits of the modern IT developer

We take a look at a survey that profiles the modern IT developer, assessing it in terms of 5 key traits.

Application and software developers have a reputation as a highly intelligent and inherently curious bunch of brilliant individuals. However, as any relevant hiring manager will tell you, getting an appropriately trained, exceptionally driven developer to sign-on long-term with an organisation can be a tiring endeavor.

This is largely due to the fact that there isn't enough developer talent to go around. While the developer skills shortage is both well documented (especially by vendors) and at times contested in regards to its severity, there is no doubt that CIOs have generally struggled to find fit-for-purpose developers to meet the needs of their organisation.

This problem is only set to become more complex, as the process of developing applications modernises, infrastructure moves to the cloud, and ML becomes a bigger imperative. Indeed, as digital transformation takes hold at organisations of all sizes, the scope of developers has become wider and more nuanced, with each role carrying a very particular set of challenges.

This then begs the question of what your average developer actually looks like in this day and age, both in regard to their training as well as the devs themselves. Developer training and recruitment organisation CodinGame set out to answer this very question, surveying roughly 20,000 developers to work out what they look like and what makes them tick.

We broke down their findings to determine 5 key traits of the modern software developer.

Developers are well educated, but not always through university

While you might think that any developer worth their salt must have done a degree in computer science at a prestigious university, the results of CodinGame's survey don't quite reflect that picture. While it's true that the majority of devs learnt to code at university (42.66%) or school (15.45%), over 1 in 3 (34.6%) consider themselves to be self-taught, which is an impressive figure for such a demanding profession.

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