CIOs have built a good home, but must keep it well maintained

DevOps and greater collaboration has put technology at the heart of the enterprise, but as IDG Connect's CIO commentator observes the future is not water tight.

"Do you have a window cleaner?" he calls down from high on a ladder.

"Yes," I reply.

"Ah, they're always breaking tiles."

I find myself filled with questions rather than an answer to my leaking roof, so I ask the roofer: "Are window cleaners complained about by roofers the way sparkies blame chippies, and plumbers think brickies like to make their lives hell?"

"Yep," he says, smiling and rolling a cigarette in his large and well-worn fingers. 


The family home, or any property for that matter, has a striking resemblance to the enterprise. It is a complex structure, constructed and now maintained by a series of skilled people whose outputs have to intersect with one another. Installation (though we'd call it implementation in the CIO community) is difficult and along the way there are always some unforeseen additional challenges (usually the fault of another tradesperson), costs are guaranteed to overrun and in today's complex global supply chain that German shower part requires a connector and washer from China and guess what? The part is currently out of stock with no visibility as to when it will be available (and with forthcoming additional border checks, albeit with no border staff, this will just get worse in the UK). 

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