Romania has the funding and tech-knowhow, but needs business knowledge to go global

Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpeș explains why Romania needs to learn how to go global to become an innovative tech player.

Since the fall of communism, Romania has grown to be a hotspot for outsourcing and R&D.

A strong focus on STEM education going back more than 60 years means the country has long had the skills and workforce to turn it into a tech stronghold. However, few startups from the country ever make it on to the global stage.

According to one of the country’s few internationally-recognized CEOs, Romanian startups need more global business nous in order to move on from simply being an outsourcing hub.


How Romania became a tech hotspot

“A myth about Romania is that the technology sector is something completely new,” says Florin Talpeș, founder and CEO of Romanian security company Bitdefender.

“In 1958 - 60 years ago - there used to be only 8 countries in the world that designed and built electronic computers, and Romania was one of them.”

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