Global Highlights 2015

We’ve collected our interviews, features, popular stories and special reports from 2015

The most important 2015 milestone for IDG Connect editorial took place this June when we published our 10,000 post. This marked the culmination of five years’ publishing IT stories from around the world. We’ve listed some of our other global highlights below:



Technology is turning genealogy on its head
Are you really using all that CPU power?
‘Hearable’ tech might trump unpersuasive wearables, says expert
How to build a datacentre in a war zone
What’s the point of 5G?
My life as a tech teacher – Part 1
Slipped disks: Why preserving our digital history is hard
What’s a blockchain? And is it heading for prime time?
Why aren’t businesses building impossible products?
Bloat-to-content ratio is killing the Web – here’s how to fix it
See-through trucks: Samsung joins the road accidents fight
‘Computer game therapy’: A treatment for depression
An excited IDG Connect team plays with a Cardboard VR headset
Are ‘sexting’ and ‘cyberbullying’ worse than offline versions?
The wooden microchips and screens of the future
When dreaming and gaming collide
Robots don’t cry, do they? How machines are getting emotional


Industry interviews

Exclusive: Michael Dell interview
SurveyMonkey CEO answers a multiple-choice survey
The rise, fall and rise again of CNET founder Halsey Minor
Kony CEO rides mobility wave
Red Hat CEO’s book centres on importance of being open
Founder wants ‘odd beast’ Spiceworks to be IT’s LinkedIn
Exact: Aggressive cloud growth & a Grand Prix mascot
What’s making MuleSoft so hot to trot?
Cloudera’s CEO builds for new world of data-driven insights
Box CEO will double-down on security
FrontRange CEO bets against a cloud-only IT future
Emarsys: The rise of the technical CMO


Tech history

Spreadsheet Inventor Dan Bricklin on a Life in Computing
Tommy Flowers’ legacy: Computers vs. telephones
Forgotten tech father: Bill Tutte vs. Alan Turing?
“It seemed a good idea” - Meet the man who invented email
This month in tech history: January 1961 – Ham the Chimp
Sinclair Black Watch was the Apple Watch of its day


20 most popular pieces

  1. Will Google’s certificate change hurt China’s e-economy?
  2. Design guru Don Norman slams Apple’s ease-of-use ‘disservice’
  3. What is Google doing to your brain?
  4. Why does South Korea have the fastest internet? (published October 2014)
  5. Anonymous vs. ISIS: What does it really mean?
  6. Windows 10: Microsoft’s realistic answer to changing times
  7. Apple: The legacy of Steve Jobs’ inspirational’ leadership (published October 2013)
  8. The Islamic State online: ISIL’s many accounts
  9. Microsoft: We can’t leave half of Europe’s talent in the dark ages
  10. A protest workplace bullying suicide #We'reWithPhil
  11. Ashley Madison: don’t let dead data sleep around
  12. The rise of ‘Telepathic Tech’ in 2015
  13. I’m under surveillance — by my watch
  14. Robophilia: What’s the psychological impact of sex tech?
  15. What will the internet look like in 2040?
  16. Looking beyond Big Data: Are we approaching the death of hypocrisy?
  17. News Roundup: Dell-MC, drone destruction and AI concept cars (published October 2015)
  18. The origins of ‘Bad Bots’: Which countries to worry about
  19. Xiaomi takes on Brazil and India, so what’s next?
  20. Inside Mercedes' F1 factory: Simulator, data and sensors


Our 2015 special reports

April 2015: Twelve companies changing the data centre
May 2015: Horology vs. technology: The watch industry shows no fear
June 2015: Brain tech report: The $35 billion niche waiting to break
October 2015: Tech careers: Expert advice