Why we need software intelligence 2.0

Software analysis company CAST calls for more granular examination of software components.

You're at a dinner party (or you get talking at a bar, or, insert social interaction with stranger of your choice) and you tell someone that you work in software intelligence. Their most likely first reaction is probably to ask you which three-letter secret service organisation you work for e.g. CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 or perhaps even KGB.

This is what people associate the term software intelligence with. You can blame the Cold War, or you can blame James Bond, or you can blame the real-life men and women in black… but that's how this field is normally perceived.

Deeper inside the technology industry itself, people have a slightly different take on the term because they realise it might also be a reference to the provenance, functionality and performance of the codebase that goes towards making a piece of software actually work.

Intelligence in reverse

Speaking at a recent industry summit in Paris this year, CEO of software analysis company CAST Vincent Delaroche explained that he has tried to define software intelligence by coming at the intelligence factor from the reverse angle.

Delaroche's firm is so named because CAST stands for Computer Aided Software Testing, hence the acronym.

"I have looked at the antonym of ‘intelligence' as a term on Google, I would recommend everyone does this," said Delaroche.

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