How coronavirus is impacting tech, according to major IT analysts

While there is a great deal of information around COVID-19 out there, often it is the analysts that provide some of the best info and advice. We take a look at the virus through the lens of Forrester, IDC, and Gartner.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread internationally, the scope of its impact has been incredibly varied.  While, of course, the health and safety of people around the world is of utmost concern, the severity of COVID-19's impact on private industry and the global economy cannot be understated.  As supply chains are heavily disrupted, consumer confidence dwindles, and a massive amount of market uncertainty persists, almost every industry is likely to feel the heat in one way or another.

While some industries might be worse off than others, COVID-19 has not left tech unscathed in any sense, both on the consumer side as well as within enterprise segments. Big tech has been suffering somewhat publicly from coronavirus-related issues, with many shutting down their physical China-based (and beyond) operations and experiencing major disruptions to their Chinese hardware supply-lines.

Massive tech conferences, such as Facebook's F8 or GSMA's Mobile World Congress (amongst many, many others) have also been cancelled or postponed, which have run-on effects for major vendors and smaller IT services companies who spend big money to showcase their wares. This issue is becoming worse every week and now has an immediate price tag exceeding (USD) $1 billion.

However, while many technology organisations and vendors (such as those within telecoms or networking) have put forward their takes on the extent of COVID-19, often it is the big IT analysts whose opinion we hold in the highest regard, and they have also joined the conversation in a variety of different ways.

While some focus on how coronavirus is affecting the big technology providers themselves, others have focused more on what all organisations can do to combat any business disruptions while leveraging technology. We take a look at what some of the heavy hitters are saying below.

Forrester predicts varied impacts while tracking employee experience

Forrester began talking about COVID-19's impact on tech relatively early, through its freely available ‘Insights' blog. On February 17th, VP and principal analyst Andrew Bartels compared the virus to the SARS epidemic, arguing that any economic or tech market impacts were likely to be short-lived and localised. Bartels said that as the direct effects of COVID-19 are relatively small compared to the flu, the bigger impact comes from the shutting down of economic activity out of China.

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