Machine and deep learning sector in Australia

A number of interesting machine and deep learning initiatives are currently underway in Australia. What opportunities does this present for IT professionals in the sector?

Australia is gradually emerging as a significant centre of expertise in machine and deep learning - and hosts a growing number of internationally recognised research centres. So, what is the long-term potential for Australia to develop further as a global hub for machine and deep learning?  And how best can IT professionals get involved?


Centres of expertise

Australia is fostering a growing reputation as a global centre of knowledge in the field of machine and deep learning. In recent years, a number of research and development centres have been set up across the country, with the goal of further accelerating progress across this burgeoning sector. One of the key centres of excellence is Adelaide-based Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), which describes itself as 'a world-leader in the application of machine learning methodologies.' Boasting more than 100 researchers, the AIML focuses on a range of key themes, including Machine Learning Theory, Robotic Vision, Medical Machine Learning, Trusted Autonomous Systems, Surveillance and Tracking, Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling. 

In addition to carrying out an ambitious research programme, the AIML has also recently entered into a partnership with Adelaide-based AiLab in an effort to help build global AI awareness and provide AI education for the wider community. AiLab (short for Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) champions global collaboration to further AI awareness and the ethical development of AI solutions - and works around the world helping organisations, government and the wider community navigate and learn about AI. According to Dr. John Flackett, Co-Founder and Head of AiLab, an extensive background in academia, research and the development of internal AI solutions helps the laboratory team to 'demystify' AI and demonstrate how it continues to transform the world 'through a range of resources and education programs.'

"AiLab's hands-on workshops explore the field of AI and current capabilities, provide insights and the latest AI research, and assist with applying and transitioning into AI driven systems," he says.

In addition to working alongside the AIML, AiLab also collaborates with a range of other national and international experts and organisations, such as the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), with which it will be launching a new AUT-based AiLab that will focus on developing solutions for everyday life and business, improving life for New Zealanders and providing AI education and support.

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