Everything you need to know about… Big Data

A roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on the world of big data.

The Big Data hype isn't new, but it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you're at the start of the big data journey or implementing it with AI teammates, big data plays a vital role in today's business. And, its impact is helping to accelerate enterprise digital transformation projects and lead to a new raft of data-mature businesses.  

 Here's everything you need to know.

Big Data basics

Data provides CIO with digital transformation insight

Digital modernisation programmes led by data aware executives are vital to success.

What is open metadata and why should you care?

A look at how open metadata allows businesses to find and analyse massive amounts of data efficiently.

Data catalogues offer boost in the machine learning race

Why making corporate data more accessible and understandable to its data scientists, ultimately boosts the productivity of machine learning.

Industry Opinion

Collibra rides the waves of a changing data ocean

Felix van de Maele wants Collibra to lead the way in extracting data for meaning, maximal opportunity and minimal risk.

Tibco dashboards smooths out pandemic information overload

Michael O'Connell, chief analytics officer, at Tibco Software is making access to COVID-19 data more accessible.

What's behind Teradata's Hadoop volte-face?

Data warehouse giant Teradata has ridden a wave of hype with Hadoop. But now it says customers should jettison the poster-child of the big data boom.

Can big data mature after its big names have merged?

Big data poster children HortonWorks and Cloudera have merged, so what does this mean for big data moving forward?

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly on law enforcement and fake news  

Big data is a key weapon in fighting terrorists says Cloudera chief.

Life-changing data around the world

A new prescription for big data headaches in pharma-tech

A new reliance upon big data analytics functions and an increasing amount of AI-driven insight are creating a new type of pharmacological operational dynamic.

How big data can fight disease in Africa

Diseases and epidemics are still rife in Africa. But can big data beat their patterns?

Big data and AI are helping Mexican farmers

How are big data and AI boosting the productivity and yield of farmers in the Central American country?

How IoT and big data are tackling Africa's problems 

IoT projects in Africa are generating data that could help Africa deal with its biggest difficulties.

Can data change lives in India?

A New Delhi start-up is helping to police social progress through analytics and visualisation.