The dark web & 70 hackers: Four security takeaways for business

We take a closer look at the current state of the security landscape

Do you understand how the dark web might impact your business? Did you know that blockchain can be used for security?  IDG Connect has compiled four articles that address the current security challenges faced by businesses.


The dark web: This shady underworld may be impacting your company

The dark web is currently a major talking point, with law enforcement officers constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate the seedy underworld of drugs and illegal adult content. But what do businesses need to know about the dark web? We asked 31 industry leaders to provide their expert insight and collated them in this report.

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WannaCry: The next (equivalent) exploit due to hit the black market soon

At this year’s InfoSec in London three security experts spoke to one of our journalists about WannaCry, the future of ransomware, and what to expect from the Shadow Brokers’ next leak. Their consensus was that the next exploit is about to hit the market… and businesses should not ignore it like last time.

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Blockchain: It could help keep your organisation secure

Interest in Blockchain is continuing to grow, as IT professionals start to realise that it has endless use cases beyond finance. But how much potential does the technology really have, and what can it be used for? In this article Hema Krishnamurthy discusses what Blockchain could bring to security.

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Hackers: 70 ‘professionals’ explain what makes them hack

Security white papers have been dominating the market in recent months as organisations compete to address the number one challenge currently facing businesses. Earlier this year, Nuix decided to provide a fresh take on the issue, interviewing a group of 70 professional hackers to gain a better insight into how they think and work. This article provides an overview of Nuix’s report to allow you a better insight into what motivates hackers.

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