Merry Christmas 2015 from IDG Connect

Here’s to a great 2016

I always swore that I would never become one of those old folks that repeated self-evidently untrue clichés. I would never start conversations regarding the weather, remark on how children had grown, or remark on how life seems to accelerate as one gets older. Still, it does seem amazing to think that it’s already a year since my last missive in this space (and while we’re at it, hasn’t it got cold and my but your kids have shot up since I last saw them).

Back in 2014 I daringly opened the kimono (oops, another cliché) on the fact that Christmas media content largely was a case of disguising the fact that most organisations run on a skeleton crew at this time of the year. That’s true but in fairness, other content will have been churned out well in advance with writers, editors, subs and art editors scrambling to build up a bank of copy so they can break out the sherry and sausage rolls for a decent period of peak holiday jollification.

If you’re not careful the result is loosely disguised fodder stories, the same stuff endlessly recycled. Here at IDG Connect we try to swerve that tendency, preferring to go deeper into stories, to pursue them all over the world rather than focus on a small area in California, to chase the offbeat and counterintuitive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our work this year and I’d like to take this chance to greet all our readers, contributors, friends and partners.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.